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Our Athletic Philosophy

Athletics are an important aspect of the Elms College experience. Our varsity intercollegiate programs provide opportunities for you to participate, compete, excel, and enhance your athletic skills and knowledge. Our coaches are dedicated professionals with excellent credentials, including professional playing and collegiate coaching experience, who support our student athletes both on and off the field.

At Elms College, we embrace the Division III philosophy, which stresses athletics that support, not compete with, academics. Here, it's possible to maintain a healthy perspective on the complementary roles of athletics and academics, and recognize that they both contribute to the development of skills and character you will use during your time at Elms College and for the rest of your life.

We're committed to enabling student athletes to have the best possible experience on our athletic teams - an experience that enhances their learning, growth, and personal development. Our student athletes make a commitment to guide and motivate others by demonstrating respect; to have pride in themselves, to be loyal to their team and Elms College; to make responsible and honest decisions that reflect well on themselves and their team; to promote healthy lifestyles; to display a positive attitude; and strive to achieve high expectations and goals.

Our mission can be summed up in four words: Family, Respect, Determination and Excellence. At Elms College, your athletic team will become an extension of your family. As part of the Blazer family, you pledge to give your best effort every day, and to respect your teammates, coaches and the game. In return, you will be treated with respect, valued, challenged and supported throughout your career. Elms athletes are determined to excel in every facet of their life.  We know that when our student athletes value Family, Respect, Determination, the end result is Excellence.