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Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

SAAC Archives


The purpose of SAAC is to act as a student ‘voice’ for all Elms College student-athletes and is responsible for bringing issues to administration in which a team or athletes may have concerns. The mission of SAAC is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting leadership opportunities, protecting student-athlete well-being and fostering a positive student-athlete image to the Elms College campus and community. SAAC is responsible for disseminating information to student-athletes from the NCAA and NECC and solicit student-athlete responses to proposed legislation. SAAC upholds the core values of Elms College: faith, justice, community and excellence through ongoing community service and fund-raising projects on and off campus.

SAAC is open to all full-time, undergraduate student-athletes at Elms College. Each team must have one ‘active’ voting representative, and one ‘alternate’ representative, who will represent their team at meetings when the active member is not in attendance. The ‘alternate’ SAAC representative must have the class rank of freshman or sophomore. SAAC team representatives are selected by each Head Coach, or they may volunteer to be their team’s representative with the approval of their Head Coach. SAAC representatives maintain their status for an entire academic year. SAAC Executive Board members are not considered a team’s ‘active’ representative. 


2017-18 Student Athlete Advisory Committee Officers

President - Catharine Wrang

Vice President - Kayla Aberdale

Secretary - Mike DiPasquale

Treasurer - Alex Hoss


2016-17 Student Athlete Advisory Committee

Baseball Alex Hoss, Thomas Slane
Basketball (men's) Trifton Bish, Hillard Black
Basketball (women's) Kayla Aberdale, Samantha Lynes
Cross Country (men's)  Rich Hernandez
Cross Country (women's) Sarah Kaczenski
Field Hockey Alyssa Falvo, Jane Dugan
Golf Chris Soderberg, Mike Fleury
Lacrosse Haley Roberts, Kaila Abrams, Mary Dirkes
Soccer (men's) Scott Labrie, Mike Campos
Soccer (women's) Jackie Soucia, Haley Richard
Softball Madison Messier, Kacey Gifford
Swimming (men's) DJ Sherman, Ryan Burgos
Swimming (women's) Kelly O' Connel, Desi Milae
Volleyball (women's) Caroline Campbell, Rachel Magnusen
Volleyball (men's) Gabriel Levy, Josh Chavez

History of the Bolt Awards

The Bolt Awards were created by the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) in 2005-06 as a way for Elms College student athletes to recognize the accomplishment of their peers at the College's annual year-end athletics banquet.

Click here for past Bolt Award winners

Iron Man/Woman Award: The athlete that shows outstanding perseverance in and out of season, embodies the toughness of spirit and never give up attitude. This athlete demonstrates passion and drive to improve themselves and their teammates.   

Most Improved Player: The athlete or team that shows remarkable growth and maturity in his or her game by making noticeable improvements in his or her sport. 

Best Upset: The award goes to the team or athlete who overcame the odds in a sporting event.   

Tommy Hurst Award: This award is presented to the student athlete, fan, faculty, or staff member that shows love and dedication to their work, and pride in carrying out their mission of supporting student athletes, which are hallmarks of the award and its namesake. 

Inspiration Award: This award may be presented to a member of the Elms College athletic department – student athlete, coach or administrator – who, when confronted with a life-altering situation used perseverance, dedication and determination to overcome the event and now serves as a role model to give hope and inspiration to others.